Assam Beyond Teas and Silks

Trip organizing – done. Planning a family outing – done. Booking travel tickets – done. Ordering food for your loved one – done! Everything is easy-peasy, everything at the tip of your finger. All you need is a smart phone and some apps, and see it coming to your doorstep, within a fraction of seconds. This is the real modern world of 2023. But have you thought of finding easy solutions like hopping into the nearest saree store at your own location or knocking at the door of a famous person whom you barely knew existed or dancing at your local festival? You will have to surf the internet, and still will not be able to fetch relevant answers you have been seeking so far!

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Welcome to HSINFO a page curated just for the people of Assam and beyond, where we take you to the heart of Assam – the places you didn’t know it existed, the food you haven’t tasted for years, the saree you have been yearned for so long but didn’t know where you would find it.

Being the home of many floras and fauna, Assam is full of natural beauty. It is one of the Seven Sisters of North-East. Be it the natural beauty of the tea plantation area or knowing about the existence of more than 100 tea estates, come, let’s unravel these places together.

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We all know that Assam is famous for its world class tea, oil and petroleum resources, Muga silk and a very rich biodiversity. But have you ever thought of exploring the unknown? Through this page, we would like to enlighten each and every reader about the real Assam. It is a multi-faceted state with a lot to offer beyond the stereotypical associations of sarees and tea. This town in southern Assam boasts a mix of Bengali and Assamese cultures. It’s a gateway to the Barak Valley and is surrounded by scenic landscapes.

Culture of Assam
Culture of Assam

Apart from greenery, Assam has a number of temples. It also has the world’s largest river island, called Majuli or Majoli. If we talk about the main festival, it is celebrated in Bihu which is celebrated thrice a year, Bohag Bihu, in April, Kati Bihu, in October and Magh Bihu in the month of January.

As we discuss “what Assam is famous for”, you can take notes to plan your next getaway. Amazed right? Wait, there’s more that will surprise you for sure! You must be thinking what’s the USP for our readers? Well, you can know everything and anything with just a click. But through this portal, we are trying to capture the thoughts of the GenZs, their likings, dislikings, how can they discover the latest food joint nearby, how can they make sudden travel plans, which areas they can cover, emergency numbers, where to go for applications of various documents, we have curated everything under one roof…

We welcome you to venture the untrodden region of Northeast India! We will not just explore the beauty of Assam, but will help you find the best ethnic sarees, help you with documentation and all school and college related information, keep you updated with all the upcoming festivals, timings, and places you could witness it, and so much more. Are you ready to witness the real Assam as never before?

We’re sure this is going to be a rollercoaster ride for you, and we have a message for all the enthusiasts out here – Welcome to Assam – beyond teas and silks!

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