List of Assam Chief Ministers

Assam’s Chief Ministers have shaped the political and socio-economic landscape of this diverse northeastern state. Assam has been governed by

Assamese Cinema and it’s Origin

The colorful journey of Assamese cinema By creating a standard in the film industry with his masterpiece “Joymoti,” which was

What caste is ‘Deka’ in Assam?

Who are the Kalitas and where did they originate from? When did they come to Assam, and from where? ‘Kalita’

Assam Beyond Teas and Silks

Trip organizing – done. Planning a family outing – done. Booking travel tickets – done. Ordering food for your loved

Bhogali Bihu Wishes

The fertile state of Assam is bordered by the Blue Mountains and fed by the Brahmaputra River. Agriculture is the