Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Assamese Actresses in Jollywood

Fairy Priya Ahmed

It’s great to see Fairy Priya Ahmed making a mark in the Assamese film industry. Her involvement in films like “Abhadra,” “TRP Aru,” “Rodor Sithi,” and “Khalnayak” showcases her versatility as an actress. It’s also impressive that she has worked with renowned director Hemanta Nilim Das in “Khalnayak.” Additionally, her inclusion in the action-thriller “Gangs of Northeast” highlights her ability to take on different genres and roles. It’s commendable that she is dedicated to her craft and willing to take on challenging projects. Fairy Priya Ahmed’s popularity among the youth of Assam indicates that she has connected with the audience on a deeper level. It will be interesting to see her future projects and how she continues to contribute to the growth and success of the Assamese film industry.

Barasha Rani Bishaya

Barasha Rani Bishaya is indeed a prominent figure in the Assamese film industry, with a successful career spanning from the 90s until now. Her versatility as an actress is evident in her ability to secure a place not only in the film industry but also in various mobile theatre groups of Assam. In addition to her acting skills, Barasha Rani Bishaya is also known for her talent as a Bihu dancer, which is a traditional dance form of Assam. This showcases her diverse abilities and adds to her overall appeal as an artist.

Her performance in the Assamese film “Joubone Aammoni Kore” is particularly noteworthy as it marked a significant positive change in the Assamese film industry. It’s always inspiring to see actors contributing to the growth and development of the regional film industry. Barasha Rani Bishaya’s accolades include receiving the Prag Cine Awards in 2013 for her role in the film “Me and My Sister.” This recognition highlights her talent and the impact she has had on the industry throughout her career. Overall, Barasha Rani Bishaya’s contributions to the Assamese film industry, her Bihu dancing skills, and her ability to bring about positive changes in the industry make her an influential and respected figure in Assamese cinema.

Lonishri Das

Lonishri Das, a talented newcomer in the Assamese film industry, has shown great promise in her career. From a young age, she has had a deep passion for dancing and comes from a culturally rich background. Her cultural journey began during her school days at Shankardeva Shishu Vidya Niketan in Goalpara, where her exceptional performances caught the attention of her music schoolteacher, who predicted a bright future for her as a dancer.

Lonishri Das has also made her mark in the industry through her appearances in popular Assamese songs such as “Selfie le le re” by Montumoni Saikia, “Eh dehi eh dehi” by Hurricane Girls, and “Dhire Dhire” by Zubeen Garg and Deeplina Deka. These songs have garnered immense popularity throughout Assam. With the right opportunities and the chance to portray strong characters, Lonishri Das has the potential to carve out a remarkable place for herself in the Assamese film industry. Given her talent and dedication, it will be interesting to see her future projects and how she contributes to the growth and success of regional cinema.

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Parineeta Borthakur

Parineeta Borthakur, hailing from Assam, has risen to fame and established herself as a renowned figure in the Indian entertainment industry. Starting her career as a model and actress, Parineeta’s first appearance on television was in the show “Pritam Pyare Aur Woh” on SAB TV, where she played the character Gogoi. She has also made her presence felt in Bollywood films with notable appearances in movies like “Force,” “Chalo Dilli,” and “Kurbaan.” However, it is worth mentioning her significant contributions to the Assamese film industry, where she has left a lasting impression through movies such as “Nayak” (2001), “Barood” (2004), “Borolar Sansar” (2005), “Jeevan Baator Ligori” (directed by Timothy Das Hanche), and “Poley Poley Urey Mon” (also directed by Timothy Das Hanche).

Parineeta Borthakur has not just limited herself to regional cinema. She has also made her mark in Hindi films and serials, including notable projects like “Saas Bahu Aur Sensex,” “Shona Urvashi” (2008), “Kurbaan” (directed by Rensil D’Silva), and “Force” (directed by Nishikanth Kamath). Her journey from Assam to the Mumbai film industry is commendable, and we wish her a glorious future as she continues to excel in her career. Parineeta’s popular quote, “A woman is the best judge for herself,” reflects her independent spirit and determination, which have undoubtedly contributed to her success.

Amrita Gogoi

Amrita Gogoi is indeed a popular Assamese actress who has managed to make her mark in the Indian film industry. She began her acting career in the movie “Ahetuk,” which was released in 2015. Following her debut, she ventured into the world of Mobile Theatre in the 2016-17 season with Hengul Theatre, where she acted alongside Prosenjit Bora and Syamontika Sharma in various productions. In addition to her film and theatre work, Amrita Gogoi has also gained popularity through her appearances in several Assamese music videos. Some of her notable music videos include “Pedel Mari Mari” by Babu Borah, “Biju Biju Mon” by Dikshu Sarma, and “Malobika Borua” also by Dikshu Sarma. These songs have garnered significant attention and appreciation from audiences in Assam.

Amrita Gogoi’s talent and presence in both films and music videos have contributed to her rising popularity and success. Her contributions to the Assamese film industry and her ability to captivate audiences through her performances make her a respected figure in the industry

Preeti Kangkana

Preeti Kangkana, a rising model and newcomer Assamese film actress, is gaining popularity among the youth in the state. Her breakthrough came with the Assamese popular serial “Ardhangini,” which propelled her to stardom and increased her popularity across the region. Since the serial, she has become a household name throughout the state. Preeti Kangkana started her journey in the entertainment industry as a model at the young age of 16. She showcased her talent and beauty in various modeling competitions, earning the title of first runner-up in “Miss Tilottama.” In 2011, she accomplished a significant milestone by winning the “Miss India Trust” title, further cementing her presence in the industry.

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Alongside her modeling career, Preeti Kangkana has gained immense popularity through her appearances in numerous Assamese songs and serials. However, “Ardhangini” remains a pivotal project in her career, playing a crucial role in expanding her fanbase and establishing her as a prominent actress in Assam. Notably, Preeti Kangkana is married to Simanta Shekhar, a well-known Assamese singer, adding another layer of connection between both the fashion and music industries. With her growing popularity and talent, Preeti Kangkana is expected to continue making a significant impact in Assamese cinema and captivating audiences with her performances.

Prasturti Parashar

Prastuti Parashar is a brilliant figure in the Assamese film industry who made her debut in Assamese director Bani Das’s film “Maharathi” which was released in 1999. She was born in the year 1981 in Malow Ali in Jorhat and is considered one of the most popular and successful actresses of the present time in Assam. Her father, Bijoy Chandra Sarma, was formerly the principal of Jagannath Barooah College. Prastuti’s career in acting started at a young age around 5 years old, where she started acting in a serial named Barnil in Doordarshan, Guwahati. Her talent and passion for acting continued to grow, leading to her receiving the Best Female Actor award at the Dada Saheb International Film Festival in 2016 for her role in the Assamese film “Mriganabhi.” That same year, she also won the Prag Cine Award for the same category and film.

Apart from her successful film career, Prastuti is also renowned for her outstanding performances in stage dramas in the Mobile Theatre throughout Assam. Her dedication and passion for acting have earned her a very good name in the industry. She continues to inspire and motivate aspiring actors in the region with her remarkable performances and achievements.

Tehshin Akhtar

Tehshin Akhtar, a young and talented actress in the Assamese film industry, gained her fame through her excellent performance in the comedy Assamese serial “Bharaghar.” She has also made an impressive entry into the Indian film industry and is currently residing in Guwahati, Assam. Tehshin was born in Shillong, Meghalaya, and has maintained a strong presence in the entertainment industry as an actress, singer, and performer. She has also appeared in numerous Assamese videos, including the highly applauded video of Savvi Sabarwal’s “Parchaiyaan.” Along with her acting career, Tehshin is also known for her beautiful singing voice and frequently performs as a guest singer throughout Assam. Her passion for innovation and dynamic works is reflected in running her own YouTube Channel, where she sings covers of pop songs.

In the Assamese movie “Durjan,” which was released in 2013, Tehshin featured in a comedy role, earning accolades for her comedic timing and performance. Her versatile talent and dedication to the entertainment industry have made her a respected and valued figure in the Assamese film industry.

Sukanya Rajguru

Sukanya Rajguru, a new face in the Assamese film industry, made a notable entry through the Assamese serial “Pratigya.” She openly acknowledges that it was Prastuti Parashar who gave her the chance to play a role in “Pratigya.” In an interview, Sukanya expressed her satisfaction when her mother becomes happy with her performances, whether in stage dramas or film roles. According to Sukanya, to bring dynamism to the Assamese film industry, it is important to generate greater interest among the people of Assam towards Assamese films. She believes that the success of Zubeen Garg signifies the potential of the Assamese film industry to reach a market worth more than one crore rupees.

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Sukanya is not only a talented actress but also admired for her beauty, capturing the hearts of many youths in Assam. She has also delivered exceptional performances in the mobile theatre of Assam, further showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Deeplina Deka

Deeplina Deka certainly seems like a multi-talented individual with a diverse skill set. Her debut in the Assamese box office hit movie “Mission China,” directed by Zubeen Garg, shows her versatility and ability to make an impact in the entertainment industry. It’s impressive that the movie was able to generate significant revenue, indicating its popularity both within Assam and across the country. Deeplina Deka’s educational background as an electrical engineer is interesting and demonstrates her dedication to academics alongside her passion for music and the performing arts. Her journey from Kendriya Vidyalaya to Maharshi Vidya Mandir and ultimately to Girijananda Choudhury Institute of Management and Technology showcases her commitment to her education.

Her training in Kathak dancing and her pursuit of a Nipun (Masters) degree in classical music further underline her dedication to honing her skills in the performing arts. It’s evident that she has a well-rounded background and is committed to both her education and her artistic pursuits. It’s always inspiring to see individuals like Deeplina Deka who are able to excel in multiple fields and contribute to the cultural and artistic landscape of their region. I hope she continues to achieve success in her career and education.


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