What Is Assam Famous For?

North-Eastern India’s Assam is renowned for its tea estates, elegant wildlife, and picturesque landscapes. Despite the many facets of this state remaining unexplored, it offers a variety of experiences. However, we have listed a few things and places worth trying for every travel enthusiast. You can take notes to plan your next getaway as we discuss “what Assam is famous for”.

Kaziranga National Park

The first thing that comes to our minds immediately when we talk about the forests in Assam is the endangered species of one-horned rhinoceros. At least two-thirds of this animal’s population is inhabited in this state. One can explore this national park by taking a jeep safari or an elephant safari. Moreover, you can get the best views if you start your journey before sunrise.

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple Guwahati
Kamakhya Temple Guwahati

Kamakhya has a unique significance among the other famous places in Assam. The temple is dedicated to Tantric practices. Here the temple is revered as a representation of the female power called “Shakti”. It also symbolises women’s ability to conceive. Only here will you find a goddess with a “yoni” or vagina worshipped. Visiting this temple will positively impact your soul and body; hence it has to be on your “must-visit list.”

Majuli Island

The world’s largest riverine island, Majuli Island, is located in Assam. Every year during October and March, hundreds of tourists visit this place. The island is spread over 452 sq km. While most of these remain submerged underwater during the monsoons, the bigger islands like Kamalabari, Auniati, and Garamur remain on the surface. Moreover, the unmatched beauty of this place is the main reason for visiting this place.

Kakochang Waterfalls

The Kakochang waterfalls enhance the beauty of its surroundings, including the ruins of Numaligarh and the stunning tea plantations. Apart from that, this magnificent waterfall is a treat to watch. Located just 13 km from Bokakhat in Jorhat, this place is always packed with tourists. Moreover, to make your travel less hectic, visit this waterfall and Kaziranga National Park on the same day, as they are closely located.

Tocklai Tea Research Centre

When someone questions, “what is Assam known for” the answer is always tea. If you ever visit this place, make sure to visit the Tocklai Tea Research Centre. It was established in 1911 and is among India’s oldest tea research centres. For every tea-lover, this place is like heaven. Further, here you can learn how to pluck tea leaves, sort, dry and process them into the final product and even taste samples of exquisite tea while on tour.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

For every shutterbug, it is a dream to catch glimpses of rare animal and bird species. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place. Situated on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, this place offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains and orchid meadows. If you are a bird watcher, this place is perfect. In addition, there is an Elephant Reserve that shelters orphan elephants.

Orang National Park

Another popular name for Orang National Park is the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. This is one of the famous places in Assam, and visiting here is worth it. Bordered by the Brahmaputra, this place is known for its one-horned rhinoceros. However, these are relatively smaller than the ones found in Kaziranga. Furthermore, it provides shelter to more than 50 species of fish.

Umananda Island

This can be it if you are looking for a quick getaway or an ideal riverside picnic spot. Umananda Island, also known as peacock island, offers a beautiful view of the Brahmaputra. It has got its name because the island is formed in the shape of a peacock. This island costs a minimal entry charge of ₹ 20, and it is open from 5:30 am to 6 pm.

Deepor Bil

Formed as an extension of the Brahmaputra River, Deepor Bil offers beautiful and refreshing landscapes. This lake is situated 13 km southwest of Guwahati. Here you can bring your camera to capture some of the most beautiful and rare bird species. Another major attraction of this place is the different kinds of flora. Further, from waterlilies to water hyacinths and aquatic grass, all these combines and add to their natural beauty.

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To answer the most popular question of what Assam is famous for, in simple terms, it can be “enchanting landscapes.” Silchar is one such place that guarantees immense scenic beauty. Since it is the second-largest town in Assam and shares its borderline with Mizoram, Bangladesh, Manipur and Barai Hills, this town is extremely rich in its culture. However, the perfect time for visiting Silchar is from April to June when the weather is pleasant and neither too hot nor cold.


Assam and tea are almost synonymous with one another. This is why the largest city in Assam, Dibrugarh is the “Tea City of India.” Along with driving more tourists to the city, it is also emerging as a commercial and industrial hub of North-East India. The availability of rich flora and fauna and the city’s diverse culture are the major factors that attract tourists. In addition, during the breeding season, Dibrugarh becomes a central spot for migratory birds. So, if you want to visit here, plan your trip during October and January.


Travellers who are not afraid of taking an off-route can visit Lilabari. This small town is also among the famous places in Assam. Situated in North Lakhimpur, this town will amaze you with its splendid views of the Dirang Valley. If you are travelling alone, note it as one of the most adventurous places in Assam. Here you can participate in adventure sports, like river rafting, trekking and fishing, while enjoying these stunning views.


Kingdom of the Ahom kings and ancient civilisation, Sivasagar is one such historical city that is not much explored. However, the city has maintained its rich culture ever since the royal era. Upon visiting this place, you will be left spellbound by the impeccable architectural monuments. Some of the most popular architectural marvels include the temples of Shiva, Vishnu and Goddess Durga. In addition, you can also visit the largest human-made water tank located in this city.


Digboi is also termed the Oil City of Assam. The major tourist attraction of this place is the age-old refinery. This refinery also has historical significance. In the 19th century, Crude oil was discovered here. However, you are mistaken if you consider there is nothing else in this place to explore. With a more rustic vibe, the city has huge golf courses, traditional textile mills, architecture inspired by Italian craftsmanship and many more.


Set within a stunning backdrop of majestic hills and Dima Hasao valley. Haflong is locally called the “Scotland of Assam”. With lush green hills, brimming lakes and sky-high terrain, this town is just picture-perfect. This place can be an ideal destination for campers, hikers or trekkers. Ideally, three days is enough to explore this town, but depending on your schedule, you can decide your time frame.

Bihu Festival

Young Assamese couple in traditional attire during the celebration of Rongali Bihu Festival in Assam

Contemplating what Assam is famous for, your answer lies in the most engaging festival called Bihu. People celebrate this harvest festival thrice a year to welcome offerings of different seasons. Further, you can dress up as locals and indulge in the festivities by matching footsteps with their folk music. Apart from that, you can plan your trip in a way that it coincides with this festival so that you can have a glimpse of this celebration.


One of the famous things of Assam is its textile industry. Most of the households in this state have a weaving machine. However, the best ones are found in Sualkuchi. This town is popular for producing high-quality silks. Further, this textile haven is located in the Kamrup District of Assam. Nevertheless, designers often visit this place for inspiration and a collection of fabrics.

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Paro Manxho

This is a pigeon meat delicacy. It might seem cruel and disturbing, but pigeon meat is a staple in Assam. Even in the Kamakhya temple, the visitors sacrifice the bird and get its meat as a prasad. However, this preparation tastes better with banana flowers. Nevertheless, to prepare this meal, the banana flowers are soaked and then shredded to make the curry and then the meat is added. Paro Manxho is a very tempting food option which you must try upon visiting Assam.


This is not a joke; Assamese do enjoy silkworms. This exotic delicacy is actually a tribal dish where the larva is stir-fried with spices. The worms become crunchy on the outside and remain juicy on the inside. Not everyone may like this dish, but it is definitely worth giving a shot.


Among the many famous things in Assam, pitha is the most loved snack. These are typically home cooked and eaten during breakfast or with evening tea. There are a ton of varieties of this pitha, both in sweet and savoury form. Moreover, different techniques are used as well. People in Assam believe it requires technical precision to make this in the correct manner.

We hope you have gathered enough information on what Assam is famous for to plan your next trip. Therefore, to conclude, here are some of the key takeaways from this article. Assam is beautiful all year round; hence you can visit anytime. Whether you are a photographer, you will love to take pictures of the unparalleled views and diverse wildlife the state offers. So, what are you waiting for, choose your date and start packing for your trip.

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